A fairy tale unfolding as of today

Once upon a time there was this man who was in pain and tears while writing his own fairy tale. He woke up one morning with an image of Rapunzel in her tower and he, the prince, was weeping down at the tower entrance that was locked. He wanted to free the princess who had been alone for 17 years, the years that she had been abandoned by her man.



This is where my story starts. For years I was unhappy with the life I lead. I was working as an employee the regular 9 to 5 job from paycheck to paycheck without saving anything at the side. I am now 49 years and a half and by the time I am 50 I want to celebrate this with a happy new life. Ooh, it is so hard writing these lines with tears are dropping on my keyboard. A certain meeting pushed me to take up the pieces and build myself again so that I can improve the life of the one I want to continue the rest of my life.

I want an abundant life so bad and this will be the first chapter of this journey.

For a couple of years I am trying to make it online but without any real results to show for. But I don’t quit my goal : saying goodbye to my dull 9 to 5 job that doesn’t give me the chance to live an abundant life. I just need to visualize it better. On this online marketing journey I met Jon P. , now 24 years old and living a marvelous fulfilled life. He was the man who planted the seed into the ground and within 6 months I will reap the fruits of the work that I will put into it to nurture it. This blog post will be given to him next spring 2017 when I will meet him again in London like last weekend.

Jon event 2016


I went to see him on his event. There I learned so much from him and his guest speakers Tom Breeze, Jubril Agoro and Paulo Barroso. We were around 150 people who all felt like family to me with the same purpose.

But how does this relate to Rapunzel, you may ask yourself? Let me explain how this fairy tale comes into play. On facebook my neighbour once did a survey and she shared the result of what kind of mother she was.. I clicked on the link but as a man that I am this test was useless to me. So I scrolled down the list of surveys available and one in particular attracted me : What 3 things will happen to you in October? Here are the results that came out by letting Facebook analyze my profile.



When I saw these results I said to myself. This is what I¬†will have to realize 100% . 2 of them are realized by now October the 11th. For the one in the middle I am all stoked up now after my meetings last weekend. During the weekend I started talking about this bizarre survey and gradually the pieces fell into place. The first that I realized was actually the third one without expecting it. For this 3 day event I booked a room with a citizen and the first contact was so warm and friendly that I immediately felt like coming home. I arrived early on Friday morning and could leave my luggage there and refresh myself after a night’s journey on the bus. After that I took off to the event by foot and had to walk for over 2 hours but since I didn’t know London it pleased me a lot to watch the scenery. When I came back I was invited to talk with her in the living room and we started to learn about one another and what life journey we had had so far. A lot of things were similar so that creates a bond. Since she had lived in my country for a while we did the whole conversation in French and I must congratulate her on the perfect knowledge, even after the many years she has left my country Belgium. On the last evening I felt the urge in me to give her one of the books that I had read about internet marketing to give her the chance, as well for her 17 year old son who is not determined about his future choices in life to do something with it. When she said that she also had a book on her book shelf I was so amazed by the title (The Secret) because I knew from a movie I had seen what effect it can have on one’s life. She let me have it and I will apply it to the T before returning it to her when I’ll meet her in 6 months, moment of truth when my life will have changed forever. But I hadn’t read The Secret yet so now I am consuming the knowledge within it with a very particular attention. On page 65 I read the example she had given about how she is lucky to always be able to park her car. So premise number one is also coming true. For the one in the middle I will get myself ready with my coach so that of next week I will start sowing the seeds necessary. As I want to reap the results not for myself I will share it with the newly met soulmate.



On my way back to Belgium I started reading the book right away and was amazed to read this on page 10 the following, coming from John Assaraf. Here is what he says :

“What people don’t understand is that a thought has a frequency. We can measure a thought. And so if you’re thinking that thought over and over again, if you’re imagining in your mind that brand new car, having the money that you need, building that company, finding your soul mate… If you’re imagining what that looks like, you’re emitting that frequency on a consistent basis”.

You see in red the two predictions that are being realized. When I see the ones by her I’m so glad to see 2 of them in common. The third one may not be realized this month but I’ll do whatever I can to help her realize it within 1 year. When I shared some pictures she was so glad to see Westminster in the morning sunshine on an empty bridge leading there, so I shared it with her. But what she didn’t know is the following scene. A little further on the bridge I saw a photographer taking pictures of a young couple in marriage clothes. This may also be something that may come true later on that same spot. I’ll put it definitely on my wish list. The fact that I could take this picture and cross that couple is surely imposed to me from elsewhere because normally I should have been on the bus but due to roads closed for the half marathon that took place that Sunday morning, the secret let me witness these scenes.

This post is the first one of several more to come about the unfolding of my fairy tale where I’ll take my soulmate out of her prison to live a free abundant life. The tool that will make me realize is this one which can also change your destiny for good by entering your email. You then will be introduced to a video which will explain all for you. Have a lovely journey and please comment on this blog post and share the value on Facebook with your friends and relatives.